This week, I had my first overnight trip away from my baby girl.  I went to Tallahassee Tuesday night and then Orlando all day Wednesday (and then back Wednesday night.. it was a long day) for a Florida Wildlife Federation committee meeting (which is why there was no Wednesday post this week, sorry!).  I missed her a lot, but Chatham and Lottie took good care of her while I was gone and sent me LOTS of pictures!  Here are some cute ones:

Here are some more things that brought me joy this week:



This week, I refreshed the front flower bed for Springtime by weeding and planting some more flowers and filler in the front flower bed.   In the backyard, our tomatoes, peppers, peaches, and hydrangeas are doing so well this year.  Our potted plant near our entryway, however, was not.  I picked up a trio of pretty trailing flowers at Lowe’s and replanted.

Gardening is a hobby I picked up when we bought our house a few years ago, and it has already been so rewarding.  My mother-in-law is an amazing gardener and has been helping me turn my brown thumb green.  I’ve found that working in the garden and getting my hands dirty is incredibly soothing and therapeutic, and being able to eat fresh vegetables from my yard is an added bonus.

Dunking Dad

This week, we went to a fundraiser to reopen the Destin pool.  There was a car wash, snow cone stand, rummage sale, and dunking booth all raising money out at the old YMCA site.  From what I’ve heard, the Emerald Coast Fitness Foundation needs about $20,000 to open the pool, so donations are still being raised (more info at this link).  A community pool will be such a nice resource for our city.

I found out when I got there that my husband and public servant Chatham would be in the dunking booth!  You could purchase a ball to throw for $1, or pony up $25 to just press the button and be assured of a dunk… Needless to say, I ponied up the cash!


Catana Comics

One of my favorite comic strips is Catana because I can relate so much to the female character.  The artist draws comics of her and her boyfriend and they are just so sweet and cute.  Here’s one of my favorites:

How was your week?  What brought you joy?