17D01-2Short weeks are always busy weeks for me, and this one was no different!  When my to-do list gets longer and longer, I sometimes have to remind myself not to stress about the tasks that need to be accomplished and instead remember to enjoy every moment.  This sweetheart is a wonderful reminder.



Good Pictures you didn’t Know About

Chatham had taken this photo a few weeks ago on his phone and did not share it with me until this week, so discovering it was such a nice surprise.  I’m not in a ton of photos with my daughter since I’m usually behind the camera, so it is nice to have one of us together, especially one in which Carla May’s expression is so sweet!



My sister Mellie sent me this the other day and it is SO true!  Carla May slept in (all the way to 6:30 am) the other day so I was able to enjoy the final square:

Livin' the good life, adult style. By @adriennehedger

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House of Cards

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House of Cards is one of the rare shows that Chatham and I love to watch together.  Season 5 came out this week, but rather than binging on the new season, we decided to re-watch all of the seasons.  It’s amazing how many nuances and instances of foreshadowing you pick up on by watching the episodes a second time.  We are only on season 2, so please no spoilers on the new season!!!

New Countertops!!!

When we purchased our home, we bought a house with a wonderful location and amazing old oak trees but we had to settle with dated features.  As we can afford it, we have been fixing up the house and making it our own.  Last year, we had all the old, nasty carpets pulled up and upgraded our floors to engineered hardwood.  This year, it is finally the kitchen’s turn for some love – we picked out recycled glass quartz to replace our awful fake granite laminate and I couldn’t be more excited!

Sample is pictured below, lying on top of our laminate:


How was your week?