On Sunday this week, we went to a barbecue at our neighbor’s house to celebrate her grandbaby-to-come in three weeks.  Since it was so close, we took our new Radio Flyer wagon out for a spin.  Watching Chatham pulling Carla May around in the wagon was one of my favorite moments from this week.  I’m not sure which one of them had more fun!  Carla May’s expression in this photo is one of my favorite looks.  (Please ignore my empty flowerbed. – The record rainfall we have gotten this summer killed all my vinca!)

Here are a few more things that brought me joy this week:

Carla May is CRAWLING

It took her long enough, but Carla May is finally crawling!  She doesn’t like to do it much, but she is motivated to move if it involves food or doggies.  Rose Ann, our sitter, told me that on Tuesday she stepped out of the nursery for a moment and Carla May crawled all the way out into the hallway looking for her!  I have a feeling our lives are about to get a lot more exciting AND challenging.

Bat Rescue Mission

On Monday morning, I took the dogs out first thing as usual.  Hayduke sniffed a furry ball on the ground and it popped up and surprised him – It was a little bat!  It kept trying to fly but couldn’t make it more than a few feet before collapsing.  After waking my sister up, who is very comfortable handling wildlife, I quickly Googled the nearest bat refuge, which was Kritter Inc. in Panama City Beach.  Incredibly, they answered my call at 6:00 am and instructed us to get the bat into a shoebox using a T-shirt.  This sounds a lot easier than it was.  The bat kept popping up and attempting to fly away while hissing at us.  Mellie somehow wrangled the bat into the box, where it snuggled into the T-shirt and got comfortable until I was able to meet one of the ladies out in Grayton to take it out to the refuge.



I received the text to the left after the bat was examined for injuries.  I was so happy to hear that she is doing ok!



Remembering MC Davis

Two years ago this week, my boss, friend, and mentor MC Davis died from lung cancer.   I miss him terribly, but remembering him and seeing the impact he made on this Earth bring me so much joy.  MC was a successful businessman and a self-proclaimed “tree-hugger” who founded Nokuse Plantation, a 54,000 acre nature preserve and gopher tortoise refuge, and the E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center, a conservation education center focusing on STEM-centered curriculum for elementary and middle-school students.  MC was a true visionary and a brilliant man, and I have him to thank for my passion for environmental activism.  Among many other things, MC taught me the importance of speaking up about the issues you care about, especially when it comes to the imperiled Longleaf Pine ecosystem.  Threatened species like black bears and gopher tortoises can’t save themselves – they need our help!  I urge you to listen to the wonderful profile of MC Davis that NPR recorded and aired shortly before his death – listen here.


How was your week? What brought you joy?