How is my baby 9 months old already???  I can hardly believe Carla May has been rocking our world for 18 months now.  She is talking up a storm and army-crawling all over the place.  She can grab a dog tail like no one’s business, and our doggies have learned to watch their backs.  Hayduke and CM are obsessed with each other, and I smile all day long.  I’m not sure how I got so lucky.

Here are a few more things that brought me joy this week:

How to Get Grease Stains Out of Your Clothes

My sister Mellie is living with us this summer and working in the evenings as a server at La Paz Restaurant.  Anyone who has ever worked in the food service industry knows that grease stains are inevitable.  She did not know my special trick for getting grease stains out of clothing, so I thought some of you might could use that information as well.  Before washing your greasy item of clothing, pour dish-washing liquid directly onto the stains and let the clothing sit overnight before machine washing as usual.  The dish-washing soap lifts the grease out of the fabric just like it does the grease on your dishes!  Voila!


Santa brought Carla May this Little Tikes swing, and I finally got around to putting it up (mom life, right?).  She LOVES it!  On nice mornings before it is too hot, I’ll bring my coffee outside and swing her while I mentally prepare for a day of adult-ing.  It is a wonderful way to start the day.

The Best Cookbook Out There

My mother-in-law got me the Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook for Christmas a few years ago and I use it nearly every week.  The cookbook is a compilation of recipes formulated by America’s Test Kitchen.  They figure out the absolute best way to cook something and not only do they share the recipe, but also the science behind why that formula is ideal.  Using this cookbook has definitely made me a better and more knowledgeable cook.

Being a Tourist In Your Own Town

Many of the items on our Summer Bucket List were touristy things to do around Destin, including visiting the Destin History and Fishing Museum, where we took the photos below.  I have learned that being a tourist in your own town is a blast!  It is easy to get stuck in a routine and only go to the same places and do the same things all the time, but making the extra effort to step out of the box is so worth it.  In fact, research suggests that we can actually slow down our perceived passage of time by doing new things!

How was your week? What brought you joy?