When I was little, anytime there was a lunar eclipse or a meteor shower or any other kind of astronomical event, my mom would wake me and my siblings up in the middle of the night to go outside and lay on a blanket to watch the sky.  I remember that feeling of total wonder and awe at the expanse of the universe.  I also remember the excitement we felt about being outside long after bedtime witnessing something so special with the people we loved the most.  These memories are some of my fondest from childhood.

Carla May will be too young to appreciate it, but there is a solar eclipse coming up in just a couple of weeks.  The Destin Library is hosting a special eclipse viewing event at the Morgan Sports Complex that day, and you can bet my nerdy family will be in attendance!

Sidenote: Anyone else’s dog set up like this on the kitchen floor as soon as you start cooking?

Here are some links I’m loving this week…

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How was your weekend? What have you been loving lately?