I promise I’ll share photos from our Bahamas trip soon, but in the meantime I want to share with you some photos from our weekend.  This weekend was a very special one because Carla May got to meet her great-Memaw, her great-Aunt Abby, and her second cousin Zach for the first time!  They came to visit all the way from Jacksonville, and we are so glad they did.

Saturday was a H-O-T day, so we mostly hung around the house in the air conditioning or sat in the shade in the backyard catching up with each other and playing with Carla May and the puppies.

Memaw and Carla May unintentionally wore matching outfits.  I must say they both look great in navy and white stripes!

The below photo is particularly special to me despite the terrible lighting because it shows FOUR generations of women – my mom, me, my daughter, and my grandmother.

For lunch, we went to The Local Market (where else???) since they have lots of great vegetarian options.  (MENU HACK: Order the Turkey Avocado with no turkey and extra cheese – DELICIOUS vegetarian option!)

THAT BELLY!!! I can’t even!!!

In the afternoon we met Aunt Abby and Zach at LuLu’s where we enjoyed some cocktails and live music.   The Stolen Faces, an excellent Grateful Dead cover band was playing.  I had never been to Lulu’s before, but they are located right on Choctawhatchee Bay and they have a wonderful beach area with interactive fountains for kids.  This will be a great place to take Carla May in a year or two!

Everyone wanted selfies with Carla May! Like I’ve said before, I am just the supporting actress these days. 🙂

We couldn’t end our visit without dipping our toes in the water, so on Sunday morning, my mom and I did just that.  It was wonderful catching up with my mom, since we don’t see each other nearly enough.  Carla May recognized her “Granny Calamity” right away from FaceTime and enjoyed spending time with her.  We are looking forward to visiting again soon!

How was your weekend?