Being the nerd mom I am, I diligently researched pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, sleep scheduling, developmental milestones, etc.  However, I decided to start solids somewhat on a whim this week.  Our pediatrician said that when Carla May shows an interest in food, she is ready to start trying solids.

It’s actually a little hilarious how much interest she has been showing. Carla May comes to work with me three days a week, and I often eat lunch at my desk.  She watches, drools, and smacks her lips while she looks longingly at the food.  Every day at lunch I tell her, “Sorry!  Your daddy would be so mad if I fed you your first food without him!”

Last night, I called Chatham while he was at the restaurant and asked him to please bring home an avocado, since at the ripe age of 5 and a half months, our daughter was starting to resent me for depriving her of the gastronomical pleasures of solid nutrition.

This morning, I did some research on Baby Led Weaning, and apparently you are supposed to slice food into small spears so that uncoordinated baby hands can grasp the pieces of food like a utensil and mash it into their mouths.  Also, you aren’t supposed to help them get the food into their mouths… oops.

Mother-of-the-year over here was more concerned about baby choking on her first solid food, so I chopped the avocado into tiny pieces.  Naturally, her clutzy baby fingers couldn’t grasp any of the minuscule avocado chunks I lovingly prepared and instead began raking the food into her lap. You’re welcome, dogs!

This just wouldn’t do.  We had decided she would try her first food tonight, and we were not going to let it rest until we could delight in her reaction.  So, against all Baby Led Weaning principles (that I now know), Chatham put a small piece of avocado in her mouth.

She looked at us as if we’d grown multiple heads and then turned beet red.  “She’s choking!” Chatham screamed.  I got right down by her face and heard her quick tiny breaths to confirm that she was NOT, in fact, choking.  Then, we remembered to take a photo so that we can look back at this important moment in our firstborn’s development.

Maybe tonight, I’ll follow the guidelines and let her run the show, tiny avocado spears and all.