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Monday Musings: COLD Weekend with Aunt Mel and Granny Calamity

Welcome to Monday Musings, where I share some thoughts and some links I’ve been loving lately!

We had a wonderful visit with my mom (Granny Calamity) and sister (Aunt Mel) over the weekend.  It takes them about 7 hours to drive down, so we don’t get to see them near as much as I’d like.  Spending a few days with them was a real treat!

We mostly just ate a lot of food (my favorite activity), played with Carla May (when she was awake), and played board games (when CM was asleep).  What else can you do in Destin when it is this cold outside??  By the way, Bears vs Babies is such a fun game once you get the hang of it – I could not stop laughing!

My mom brought her guitar down, which Carla May LOVED!  She was bouncing and dancing to the music.  My mom also surprised me with my Christmas present – a gorgeous painting of our family in the Bahamas.  I absolutely love it and continue to be blown away by her talent!


Here are some links I’m loving this week:

  • Alabama is playing in the National Championship game tonight! ROLL TIDE!
  • my best friend started a blog!!!  check her out here
  • why you don’t need a daughter to want a better world
  • handy chart to determine if it is too cold to walk your dog
  • so many good sales right now: J. crew (up to 75% off), Anthropologie (extra 40% off), Gap (up to 60% off)

How was your weekend?  What are you loving lately?

Let me know in the comments below!


Scenes From Christmas Weekend

Merry Merry Christmas!  I was so looking forward to Christmas this year partly because I missed out last year (see: colic and shingles), but mostly because one is SUCH a great age.  Carla May is getting into everything, talking up a storm, and really coming into her own.  We are having SO much fun!

Both of Chatham’s sisters, Jane and Leah, and our new brother-in-law Matt were in town for the holiday, so we spent as much time with them as we could.  Leah and I took the girl cousins out on the dock during sunset one of the first nights they were in town and got some beautiful photos.  I love watching Carla May laugh and play with her cousins, aunts, and uncles.  Seeing her develop relationships with people we care about is really heartwarming.

Outfit Details: top (similar), skirt, necklace (similar), bag

Chatham and I went to a wedding at Eden Gardens State Park on the Friday before Christmas.  The location was gorgeous and you couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather!

On Christmas Eve, I dressed Carla May up in my old Christmas dress from 1990 and had a nice laugh.  A friend pointed out that a lot of the components of the dress have come back in style – the ruffle sleeve, the sweatshirt material, and the mismatch prints!  BUT I don’t think that Santa Lion (I think it’s a lion??) is ever coming back in fashion!

We had a lazy day watching Christmas movies as a family and snuggling with the doggies.

Before Christmas Eve dinner, we tried to get a good shot of all three cousins together but they were too amped up for Santa to all look at the camera at once!

I love that last photo that shows off their personalities so well – Mary Jane being the boss, Pearce in his own world, and Carla May looking around like “what is going on??”

Leah snapped a couple of me and Carla May while CM was in the process of losing her bow.

My sister-in-law Libbo found Carla May’s sweet angel dress at a consignment shop in Tuscaloosa.

I am just glad scrunchies are back, since I never stopped wearing them.

Aunt Leah and Uncle Matt got all the kids an awesome obstacle course with a ball pit at the end.  CM LOVED it!

She is obsessed with the piano right now.  If she wasn’t being held, she was crawling over to it to bang the keys and “sing.”

I can’t get enough of the Christmas jammies, and CM loved them too!  She still isn’t walking and she trips over dresses when she tries to crawl in them, so she stayed in her Christmas jammies all day.

Thankfully, we have made it through the phase where she pulls her bow off immediately.  I have found that if I give her lots of compliments on how pretty she looks with her bow in, she tends to keep it on! 🙂

We had a wonderful time spending Christmas exchanging gifts, eating, and being merry with family!

CM got to wear another set of Christmas jammies the day after Christmas.  This cute Christmas lights set was a hand-me-down from her cousin Pearce.

Some of her favorite gifts this year were her chair, her LeapFrog dog (that says her name!), her monster truck (that looks like a dog, of course!), and a set of ball pit balls for her trampoline.

Hayduke’s favorite gift was his tequila bottle squeaky toy.

How was your holiday weekend?

Let me know in the comments below!


Merry Christmas from the Morgans!

merry christmas 9

merry christmas 8

merry christmas 7

merry christmas 6

merry christmas 5

merry christmas 4

merry christmas 3

merry christmas 2

merry christmas 1

Merry Christmas from the Morgans!

This year, we had Darris Hartman take our Christmas card photos in her studio.  Carla May was a wild child during the shoot – crawling all over the place, reaching for the camera and the lights, and trying to pull down the wreath.  You can just tell from her expressions what a mischievous mood she was in!  Poor Chatham was sick with a terrible chest cold during the photo shoot, but he was a good sport and plastered on a smile anyway.  I was praying that Darris might come away with one good photo, so I was so pleased to see she got this many!

Carla May is wearing the Zulily dress I mentioned on the blog awhile back, and I am wearing my favorite flannel shirt and jeans that I got at Madewell last year.   My Frye boots were a gift from Chatham about six years ago and they have really stood the test of time.  I wear them every winter and love them!

Shop Similar Shirts
Shop Similar Boots
Shop Similar Little Girl Dresses


Did you take Christmas photos this year?  How did they turn out? 

Do you have any tricks for getting a toddler to behave during photo shoots?

Let me know in the comments below!

Merry Christmas!


merry christmas signature


Road Trip Travel Tips with a Toddler

Carla May and I went up to Mentone, Alabama, last weekend, a road trip that usually takes me six hours to drive by myself, so I had no idea what to expect with a toddler in tow.  I put out a call for help on Instagram beforehand, and lots of mom friends shared their valuable advice with me.  Including stops, the drive ended up taking us a little over seven hours each way.  CM was a road warrior – only a little fussing and no tears!  Here are our travel tips from the experience:

  • Have a supply of snacks and drinks within easy reach.  In the passenger seat next to me, I had a cooler stocked with cheese, fruit, water bottles (for me), and milk cups for CM (I like these because they don’t spill).  I also had a bag full of snacks – puffs, cheerios, teething biscuits, etc.
    • WARNING:   Do NOT pass a pouch full of baby food back to your child, or it will end up all over your child and your backseat!  (The photo below is actually from CM eating blackberries with her dad, but it is pretty representative of what she looked like when we finally stopped…)
    • Which reminds me: Have an extra set of clothes and LOTS of wipes on hand, just in case!

Eating blackberries or killed her first deer?

A post shared by Chatham Morgan (@chathammorgan) on

  • Even if (ESPECIALLY if) you are a no-screentime or limited-screentime family, buy or borrow a TV/DVD player for the car.  I don’t let Carla May watch TV normally, only if she is sick or if it is an Alabama football game, so TV is still really special for her.  We borrowed a player (similar to this one) from my sister-in-law, along with an assortment of DVDs, and it provided hours of entertainment for her and quiet for me.
  • Have a bin full of toys and board books within easy reach of you.  Whenever your kiddo starts to fuss or act bored, pass a new toy back.  Bonus points if you bring things she/he hasn’t played with before.  Double bonus points if you bring this toy (A sweet friend got this for her as a birthday gift, and in all seriousness, she played with it for hours).
  • Plan out a few fun stops along the way, but BE FLEXIBLE.  One friend recommended stopping at a great park near Birmingham that is conveniently located on the same exit as a Chick-fil-a.  I had the address all plugged in to my GPS and looked forward to checking it out, BUT as soon as we got near the exit, CM fell asleep… Rather than wake her up, I just kept on driving and found a Chick-fil-a to stop at later on.

road trip travel tips with a toddler

  • Tourist traps make great stops!  One of my favorite places to stop is Durbin Farms Market in Clanton, Alabama, a little town known for their world-famous peaches.  CM and I shared a double scoop of peach ice cream and played amongst the pumpkins on display at the Market to break up the trip.

road trip travel tips with a toddler

road trip travel tips with a toddler

These sweet little duck overalls are so cute and soft and were the perfect traveling outfit.

  • If you are traveling alone with a toddler, bathroom trips (for you) must be thought out in advance, something that never occurred to me before traveling alone with a toddler.  Putting my daughter on the floor of a public restroom is out of the question, and leaving her in the car is frowned upon these days, SO I brought an easy-to-unfold umbrella stroller for restroom stops.  This model is slim enough to fit in a handicap stall with you.
  • Don’t forget to bring paper towels and trash bags!  By the time we arrived at our destination, my car was a WRECK, but my happy traveler was well worth the clean-up.
  • If all else fails on the entertainment front, pull out a box of tissues.  Hand them back one by one and let your kiddo rip them to shreds.  This valuable tip was shared with me by a friend who embarked on a 13 hour (!!!) road trip with her tiny tot, and she said it was a lifesaver during their last hour of travel.

Traveling with little ones can be a lot of effort, but new experiences are so good for young minds and so worth it!

For more toddler travel tips, check out this handy post from Daytrips & Diapers!

Do you travel often with toddlers?  What are your favorite travel tips and tricks?

The Puppy PAW-ty: Carla May’s First Birthday!

Prepare yourself for photo overload because my daughter turned ONE last weekend!  Her favorite thing in the world is “doggies,” so we planned a big PUPPY PAW-TY to celebrate her big day.  Thank you to my sweet friend Cezanne for taking photos during the party!!!

We decorated with floral arrangements from Destin Floral Designs, cardboard paw prints and paw print balloons, and a cardboard doghouse I made last week during Carla May’s naptime (only took me two hours and TWO trips to Hobby Lobby).  Cezanne put together a beautiful frame to display Carla May’s monthly photos, as well.  We served Local Market sandwiches, fruit, cheese, homemade sugar cookies, and a doggie cake and bone-shaped smash cake made by a friend.  Party favors were in the form of stuffed dogs to “adopt” (after the birthday girl snuggled with them first).

My college girlfriends choose a weekend every October to get together for a reunion, and this year, we decided to schedule it the same weekend as Carla May’s party so they could celebrate with us.  Some of my friends’ lovely mothers came down, too, which was a blast!  All her “aunties” surprised us with Carla May’s first trampoline, which you’ll see from the photos that she thoroughly enjoyed!

I picked the time for the party (11:00 – 1:00) because Carla May is normally on a great nap schedule with a morning nap and an afternoon nap.  Of course, she chose the day of her party to sleep in and get off her usual schedule.  She was perfectly happy for almost all of the party, but as soon as we brought out the cake, she hit a wall.  She was so tired, she started rubbing her eyes, got frosting in them, and burst out crying!  Luckily, it’s her paw-ty and she can cry if she wants to!

We had a wonderful time celebrating with friends and family.  This girl is so loved!

I almost forgot to include the gorgeous sketch my mother created of the birthday girl with her doggies!  This was printed on each invitation and will soon be in a frame on my wall at my house.

Montana: Our Vacation in Photographs

Last week, my husband and I spent a week in Montana, hiking, fly fishing, eating, and exploring in Yellowstone National Park and the city of Livingston.  This was our first trip with just us two since having our daughter almost a year ago (she stayed home with her Lottie).  We missed her a lot but had a wonderful time together as a couple!

Montana is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to and photos simply don’t do it justice.  The expanse of the sky, the majesty of the snow-capped peaks, and the vibrance of the colors are impossible to portray without full immersion into the landscape.

I lost my camera battery at the beginning of our trip, so all of these photos were taken with my iPhone.  Our first stop was the Old Faithful Inn, located at the Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park.  On our way to the hotel, I saw an American Bison for the first time (we nicknamed bison #DaBubbas for the entire duration of the vacation), which basically made my trip.

The Old Faithful Inn has basic rooms, but the lobby/lounge area is gorgeous.  It was built in 1903 and has four stories of balconies composed of exposed logs with a huge stone fireplace in the middle.  In the evenings, Martha Colby, an incredibly talented cellist and singer, played beautiful music that reverberated throughout the cavernous room.  She played a mixture of classical music and western renditions of modern hits, including a phenomenal cover of “Purple Rain,” which was met with a literal standing ovation.

The demographic makeup of the hotel guests was approximately 98% Baby Boomers and then us.  Since my husband and I had not yet gotten a photograph together, I asked one of the other hotel guests to take our picture.  The photo clarity isn’t quite what I’d expect if I had asked a Millenial, but whatever… You can tell we are having fun!

Temperatures were in the 30s and 40s all week, which was a lovely change from the heat and humidity we’ve been experiencing in Destin.  Our first morning, we woke up early, bundled up, and walked over to the Old Faithful Geyser, which was expected to blow at 8:08 am +/- 13 minutes.  As we sipped our coffee and enjoyed the crisp 30 degree morning air, we made friends with the largest crow I have ever seen.  The Old Faithful eruption was cool, but not as spectacular as depicted in many pieces of the Inn’s artwork.

That day, we hiked out to Fairy Falls and the Imperial Geyser, a base hike of 6 miles that we added a couple miles onto by climbing a steep butte overlooking the geyser and taking a scenic route to look at the Grand Prismatic Spring from afar.  At a couple points in our hike, we had to get off-trail to avoid bison grazing in the pathway.    I was amazed at how few people venture further than a half mile on the trail.  The first half mile was packed with people, but we were pretty much alone the remainder of the hike, which is where all of the best sights were!

After our hike, we cleaned up, packed up, and drove a couple hours through Yellowstone National Park sightseeing.  The below photo was taken near Canyon Village and was absolutely breathtaking.  What was also breathtaking was experiencing my driving on icy roads with no shoulder through the mountains, talk about some sweaty palms!

Saturday night, we stayed at the Dreamcatcher Tipi Hotel, which was a little hokey, but also really fun.   That night, it was supposed to drop into the low 20s, so we were concerned that we’d get cold, but the two space heaters and eight blankets kept us toasty warm.  We streamed the Alabama-Ole Miss football game over wifi in our tipi, which was a very unique and somewhat surreal experience.

The surreal experience continued the next morning when we opened our tipi door to see a family of elk only 10 yards away.  Montana is a very special place.

We spent the next day fly fishing the Yellowstone River with Brian O’Connor, the guide that took Chatham on his first fly fishing trip twelve years ago.  Brian worked with Chatham on some new techniques, resulting in several big, pretty trout making their way into the boat.  My only goal was to learn how to cast without hooking anyone, so I was delighted when I caught a few whitefish and a couple of trout!  I probably could have caught more, but I kept getting distracted by the beautiful scenery we were surrounded by,

The next day was the coldest one of the trip, around 25 degrees, so we took a bleak and beautiful snowy drive up to White Sulpher Springs, home of the Mineral Hot Springs Motel.  This was the first time either of us had seen snow since the powder dusting in Mentone, Alabama, the weekend of our wedding almost three years ago, so an unexpected cold front was a welcome treat on our Montana vacation.

We stayed in Anthony Bourdain’s favorite hotel room: the Pekinpah Suite of the Murray Hotel in Livingston. It was gorgeous and so relaxing.  There was a couple staying at the same hotel on their honeymoon so I sweet talked them into taking a photo of Chatham and I together under the classic neon sign, since we had only taken one other good photograph together the whole trip.

We spent one day exploring Livingston and, on a whim, checked out the Wheatgrass Saloon.  Sharing the space, we found a treasure of a bookstore, Elk River Books. Most of Elk River’s fabulous selection of new and used titles can be found upstairs.  The long staircase opens up to a huge room with high ceilings walls full of books, making it feel like a secret cavern.  I was so delighted by our discovery, I asked Chatham to take my photo, and he called me a dork.

The warmest day of our trip (50 degrees or so), we were itching to get outside again, so with a recommendation from Robbie at Timber Trails, we set off for Custer Gallatin National Forest.   The six mile hike took us through vibrant Fall-colored aspen groves, across snowy babbling creeks, and up steep switchbacks along Livingston Peak.   After our hike, we drove to the nearby Chico Hot Springs, where we soaked our tired legs and people-watched at their Country Club-esque facility.

On our last day in Livingston, the weather was cool but beautiful.  We had planned to go on another fly fishing float with our friend and guide Danny Lahren , but the river was too muddy from the snow melt.  Instead, Danny took us and his two French Brittany Spaniels to a nearby stream on a friend’s farm.  He and Chatham and the doggies waded out and fished for a few hours, while I sat on the riverbank and read.  It was a peaceful and beautiful afternoon.

We had an amazing, but we missed our little girl SO much!  Our sitter took the below picture the day we were flying back.  Carla May did fine all week until the last day, when she was ready for her parents to get home.  That day, she carried around a photograph of me and Chatham and gave it “kisses” all day long.

As much fun as we had and as much as I love to travel, I love coming home to this sweet face, too!

Off to Montana!

Welcome to beautiful Livingston MontanaMy husband and I are off to Livingston, Montana, today!  I look forward to updating you on our travels when we return!

(In the meantime, feel free to follow along on my Instagram <3)

#GuanaGetMarried: Bahamas Trip 2017

We were so lucky to get to spend a week in the Bahamas this month to celebrate the marriage of Chatham’s sister Leah and her husband Matt.  The island of Guana Cay was completely rented out by friends and family of the couple which made for a festive atmosphere, and the wedding itself was by far the most beautiful one I have ever been to.  Flip Flop’s, the wedding location, was as gorgeous as it gets, with pristine white sand,  turquoise water, and a solo saxophone player for music.  The bride and groom’s impeccable taste showed through in every selection and detail.  I am so grateful that we got to be a part of their special day.

This was my first major trip traveling with a baby, and although Carla May did great, I definitely learned the difference between a trip and a vacation, and I know much better how to prepare and what to pack next time.  I’m not gonna lie – flying with a wiggly baby was tough!  It was nothing like Carla May’s first flying experience…  I should have brought more toys and snacks and things to entertain her on the flight, because all she wanted to do was crawl up and down the aisle.  Clearing customs and then waiting in the heat for the ferry in Marsh Harbour took a lot out of her, but arriving in beautiful Guana Cay made the travel well worth it!

Carla May shoved her hand in the space between the drawer and the oven of our range the week before the trip and burned two of her fingers.  We taped a sock on her arm to prevent her from messing with the bandages on her blisters or accidentally hurting herself when she was crawling around.  I know it looks a little silly, but it was effective!

The island of Guana Cay is absolutely beautiful.  The sunsets and sunrises each day are like nowhere else, and the water is crystal clear.  One of my favorite activities is to walk out on the dock with CM and spot all of the colorful fish swimming around.

One of the charms of Guana Cay is that everyone gets around by golf cart!  However, by the time I get used to driving on the left side of the road, it is nearly time to come back home.

Due to Carla May’s nap schedule (she takes two naps a day – one around 9 am and another around 1 pm), we were a bit limited in what we could do, so most days, we hung around the house, took in the views, and spent time with family.

I love this shot especially.  Camille, Carla May’s great-grandmother, went out on the porch to look at the water, and CM just couldn’t bear to have her leave the room.

Thank you Jane for taking the family shots!!!

We spent one afternoon island hopping with our friends Lindsey and Baxter.  We went to The Abaco Inn for lunch, then Hope Town to see the lighthouse where we got engaged three years ago, and then Scotland Cay to swim in the prettiest water I have ever seen.

We made it to the famous Nipper’s a few times to eat and enjoy a rum cocktail.  CM loved Nipper’s because so many customers bring their dogs.

CM and I lucked out and got to go on a golf cart tour of the luxury real estate development Baker’s Bay with Leah, Matt, and Camille.  The facilities are gorgeous, and we had a lot of fun touring their golf course, pool areas, and tiki bars.  Apparently a lot of celebrities own homes in the development, and I can certainly see why!

The rehearsal dinner was at Orchid Bay and just like everything on the island, it was beautiful.  I’m pretty sure babies are about 80% body fat, because CM was sweaty ALL week!  Evenings are tough for her, so I did my best to entertain her throughout the rehearsal dinner, which meant alternating between feeding her, standing up dancing with her, and sipping on my rum punch. 😉

On the day of the wedding, all of the bridesmaids got ready together with Leah .  She had chosen a skirt for us to wear and let us pick whatever white top we wanted, which I thought was a wonderful idea.  The looks are all cohesive but the variety adds interest.  She surprised us each with a necklace to wear – a gold Bahamian coin on a chain.  Each one was a little different – some girls got coins with fish and some with pineapples, some chains were longer and some were shorter.  I have worn mine so much since then, and I always think of that special day each time I put it on.

CM had a ball playing with her cousins while all the bridesmaids and the bride got ready.  I just can’t get enough of these two in their adorable baby’s breath crowns!

I didn’t take any pictures myself from the wedding since there were professional photographers for that (and I couldn’t find my phone), but here are a few taken by friends and family that I want to remember.  

We had a wonderful trip, but we are always happy to get back home!  I love traveling, but being away always reminds me how much I love our day-to-day life and also how much I miss my dogs.  Thank you to Leah, Matt, Charles, and Carla for an incredible week!



Scenes from Our Weekend

I promise I’ll share photos from our Bahamas trip soon, but in the meantime I want to share with you some photos from our weekend.  This weekend was a very special one because Carla May got to meet her great-Memaw, her great-Aunt Abby, and her second cousin Zach for the first time!  They came to visit all the way from Jacksonville, and we are so glad they did.

Saturday was a H-O-T day, so we mostly hung around the house in the air conditioning or sat in the shade in the backyard catching up with each other and playing with Carla May and the puppies.

Memaw and Carla May unintentionally wore matching outfits.  I must say they both look great in navy and white stripes!

The below photo is particularly special to me despite the terrible lighting because it shows FOUR generations of women – my mom, me, my daughter, and my grandmother.

For lunch, we went to The Local Market (where else???) since they have lots of great vegetarian options.  (MENU HACK: Order the Turkey Avocado with no turkey and extra cheese – DELICIOUS vegetarian option!)

THAT BELLY!!! I can’t even!!!

In the afternoon we met Aunt Abby and Zach at LuLu’s where we enjoyed some cocktails and live music.   The Stolen Faces, an excellent Grateful Dead cover band was playing.  I had never been to Lulu’s before, but they are located right on Choctawhatchee Bay and they have a wonderful beach area with interactive fountains for kids.  This will be a great place to take Carla May in a year or two!

Everyone wanted selfies with Carla May! Like I’ve said before, I am just the supporting actress these days. 🙂

We couldn’t end our visit without dipping our toes in the water, so on Sunday morning, my mom and I did just that.  It was wonderful catching up with my mom, since we don’t see each other nearly enough.  Carla May recognized her “Granny Calamity” right away from FaceTime and enjoyed spending time with her.  We are looking forward to visiting again soon!

How was your weekend?



10 Things No One Told Me About Being a Mom

Looking back on the last nine months of #momlife, I am blown away by how little I actually knew going into this whole thing.  As a researcher by nature, I rarely go into a situation unprepared,  so throughout pregnancy, I studied up.  I read a huge stack of books, took a baby care class at the hospital, and spent time with my niece and nephew.  I knew, of course, that I’d learn a lot on the job when I had a baby, but I figured it couldn’t be too hard.  I was a babysitter in high school, so I already had plenty of experience, right?  Wrong!  Here are ten things no one told me about being a mom (plus some photos from my daughter’s newborn shoot because I can’t believe she is already 9 months old).

1. Part of your job is to pick someone’s boogers.

Sure, I registered for the suction bulb and the NoseFrida, but it hit me as I was trying to fish a boog out of my newborn’s tiny nostril with my too-big pinkie that the snot of another human being will be an ongoing concern for the next chapter of my life.

2. You will never sleep in again.  Ever.

Even if my child magically sleeps past 6 am, my beagles have already learned that they go outside at 5:30 am and wake me up accordingly. If I were allowed to sleep as long as I wanted (which hasn’t happened in at least 9 months), I have absolutely no idea what time I’d wake up.

3. Mom Bod

I was extremely lucky (?) in that losing the pregnancy weight wasn’t very difficult for me (thank you, colic…). I was not prepared, however, for my new mom bod, and I certainly was not aware that a “saggy bellybutton” would ever be on my list of personal concerns. I am proud of what my body has accomplished and couldn’t be any happier to have my sweet baby girl, but I am also delighted that high-waisted and one-piece swimsuits are in style.

4. You will look forward all day to finally having some alone time.  When you finally get it, you will just look at pictures of your kid the whole time.

Sometimes I even consider waking her back up…

5.  What did we even talk about before?

I remember having conversations about topics other than my children, but I cannot for the life of me remember what those conversations were about (probably my dogs TBH).

6. Changing a diaper is like wrestling an alligator.

And the stakes are extremely high.  Just wait, you newborn moms, just wait.

7. You are no longer the star of your life.  You are the supporting actress.

And there is no other role I’d rather have.

8. You will receive the creepiest/sweetest dental examinations.

Every time I nurse my daughter, she sticks her hands in my mouth and feels around.  Sometimes she even scratches me with her little baby talons that I am always too afraid to cut.  Yeah, babies are strange.

9. Some days you go straight from coffee to wine, and that is ok.

No judgment here.

10. Time has never gone by so quickly.

I would give anything to pause this moment, keep her tiny, because how could it possibly get any better than this?

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