20170704-DSC_0202Can I just mention again how much I love holidays as a parent?  We had a great 4th of July this week baking a red, white, and blue dessert (post with recipe coming soon), swimming, and cooking out with Carla May’s cousins.  The weather was absolutely beautiful so we tried to spend as much of our day outside as possible!

On this special 4th of July recap edition of Friday Favorites, I’d like to share with you a few of our favorite items that are made by female entrepreneurs right here in the USA.

Pyne and Smith Linen Dress

Pyne and Smith is a company out of California that hand makes beautiful, high-quality linen dresses.  I bought two a few months ago and have been really happy with the dresses themselves and with the company’s customer service.  I got the button up dress in two different colors and lengths (one midi and one knee length) and I love them because they are comfortable, light, and I can still nurse in them because of the buttons.


I wore the blue stripe midi length on the 4th, but I also bought the black knee-length style pictured below.  The price is a bit more than I typically pay for clothing, but I am trying to buy fewer, higher-quality pieces that are classic, timeless, and will last forever rather than participate in fast fashion fads that need to be replaced often.  I always feel better spending more with small mom-and-pop businesses like Pyne and Smith than I do at large chain corporations.


Elle Little Headbands


I have talked about Elle Little headbands before on this page, and I continue to be a big fan!  Elle Little is owned by one of my friends who sews and sells beautiful women’s accessories.  My favorite of her offerings are her wire headbands, which are available in a million different colors and patterns.  The red check, which I wore on the 4th, and the chambray, pictured above with the black Pyne and Smith dress, are in regular rotation in my wardrobe.  The wire holds the headband in place and keeps my hair out of grasp of tiny baby fingers!

Baby Bling Bows


Baby Bling bows are our favorite baby headbands, since they look great and don’t pinch Carla May’s head.  The company offers so many cute colors and styles.  These bows are soft and stretch to fit any head size.  Baby Bling is another company owned by women entrepreneurs and each item is handmade here in the United States.


Family Time

Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox about supporting American makers and share some pictures of our holiday with you…


Mellie had just gotten back from an intensive yoga workshop when we took this picture.  We are having so much fun with her this summer!


I love how Chatham and Carla May have the exact same expression in this one.. “Seriously, Marilu?  More photos?”  I promise you both that we’ll love looking back on these one day (heck, I’m already enjoying looking at them)!


We had a great time swimming with Carla May’s cousins at the pool.  She loved watching the other children and climbing on the big whale float.


Mellie and CM were looking super cute in their red, white, and blue swimsuits!



Finally, a very important public service announcement about fireworks.  I spent the evening of July 4th at home cursing my neighbors and snuggling my frightened furry companions, as I’m sure many of you did.  Thank you to The Oatmeal for sharing this very important information…

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How was your 4th of July?