Welcome to Friday Favorites, my weekly post where I share what I’ve been loving lately!

It has been a crazy week!  Sorry I didn’t get a Monday Musings post out this week, but I have an excuse…

On Sunday night, I turned on the sink in my den to soak some stained laundry items in Oxiclean and completely forgot about it.  About an hour later, I walked in that room for a totally unrelated reason and saw that the sink was still running! There was about an inch of standing water all over the floor.  I turned off the sink, threw as many towels down as I could, and went back to the kitchen to feed Carla May dinner.  I have never been so anxious during my daughter’s bedtime routine!

Chatham had just spent the weekend as a solo parent so I could attend a Florida Wildlife Federation board meeting in Clermont, Florida.  He was watching the Superbowl with a good friend when the flooding occurred, and I did not want to ruin his night.  So rather than watching the first half of the game, I got down to business mopping up water with every single towel in the house (and some blankets, too!).  All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS our den floor is tile!

Yesterday we attended a special Valentine’s Day program at the Destin Library and it hit me that my baby is officially a toddler.  She was getting around the room on her own and interacting with other kids all by herself and she did not need her mama by her side…. until she started stealing another child’s shoes that is!

Anyway, here are some things I’ve been loving lately:

Color Coding Apps

I picked this tip up from Emily Ley (of Simplified Planner fame). She mentioned it on her Instagram as a suggestion to go along with the other tactical tips for simplifying life that she shares in her latest book (which I reviewed here). For people who have a sharper memory for color than for category, like me, color coding your apps will save you so much time! And it makes your home screen look so pretty!

Zippadee Zip Sleep Sack

Partly I’m sharing this with you as an excuse to post this adorable photo of my daughter snuggling with her doggies.  And partly I realized I have shared almost no baby products since I wrote my Colicky Baby Survival Guide. Well, the number one product I can recommend once babies get out of the newborn stage is the Zippadee Zip.

The Zippadee Zip is a wearable blanket that keeps your baby’s arms contained to limit crawling around in the crib and keep your baby warm.  We used this to transition from the swaddle and what an easy transition it was!  Carla May adores her Zippadee Zip now, and whenever she gets tired she will snuggle up to it and shut her eyes, even if I haven’t zipped it on her body yet.

Moment App

Ok, so I have mentioned this app before back when I talked about my goals for 2018, but I love it so much, I wanted to mention it again.  Moment is an app that measures and analyzes the time spent on your phone each day.  It shows you which apps you used most and even your usage over time.

This app, along with my week of unplugging and going social media free, have really changed my life.  I have gone from spending 3.5-4 hours a day on the phone to less than 2 hours!  And sometimes way less, like 30 minutes!  I don’t find myself reaching for my phone as often or mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds.  And every moment not spent on my phone is one more moment I can spend actually enjoying life with my family (because it’s out here, not in there!).

Florida Wildlife Federation

I mentioned the Florida Wildlife Federation back on Giving Tuesday, but since I just got back from our Board Weekend at the Oakland Nature Preserve, I thought I’d mention this great organization once again.  Every time I attend an FWF board meeting weekend, I look around at the amazing people involved with the organization, both on the board and staff, and am blown away at the incredible accomplishments these folks have made for the environment and wildlife in the state of Florida and across the country.

I love learning about environmental initiatives going on and how I can help.  If you’re interested in becoming an FWF member, click here, and if you’re looking for something you can do to help wildlife in America right now, click here to show your support for funding to prevent fish and wildlife from becoming endangered.

How was your week?  What are your Friday Favorites?  What brought you joy?

Let me know in the comments below!


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