Welcome to Friday Favorites, in which I share what I’ve been loving this week!

Happy Friday, y’all! This week, I realized that it is socially acceptable to put up my Christmas tree NEXT WEEK!!!

We took our Christmas photos yesterday, and I am already thinking about decorating…  I’m going to try to copy Southern Living‘s gorgeous rosemary swag pictured below, and if it doesn’t end up a Pinterest Fail, I’ll share the results with you!

friday favorites Rosemary Christmas swag

This will be our first Christmas with a crawling/maybe walking toddler, and I would love some advice: How do you keep your little one from breaking ornaments/tearing up gifts/climbing the tree???  I am at a total loss!

Anyway, here are my Friday Favorites – things that have brought me joy this week:

Wonder Woman

friday favorites wonder womanWe finally got around to watching Wonder Woman this week, and it was so good!  Gal Gadot gives a stunning performance, and the fact that she was pregnant and experiencing morning sickness throughout the shooting blows me away!  This is a movie that women and men will both enjoy, especially if you like a good superhero flick.



Doug Jones for Alabama Senate

friday favorites doug jones alabama us senateAlabama friends, if you have paid attention to the news at all in the last couple weeks, you already know that the Republican candidate Roy Moore is a total creep, at best, and a pedophile, at worst.  Anyone being okay with a man in his thirties sexually assaulting teenage girls is beyond me.  Luckily, the election has not yet taken place!  Moore’s opponent Doug Jones is a good Alabamian with lots of experience who would make a great senator.

If you haven’t yet registered to vote, you can do so online right here, but do it soon, because the election is December 12!  To my Republican friends who can’t bear to vote for a Democrat… get over it! (or just stay home.. that’s fine, too!)

Ok, off my soapbox…

The Popcast

friday favorites the popcast with knox and jamie podcastI have recently become infatuated with the bubbly and sassy personalities of Knox McCoy and Jamie Golden of the indulgently entertaining pop and culture podcast, The Popcast.  I follow very little pop and culture news, so this weekly hour of fun celebrity banter between the two Birmingham, Alabama-based hosts is a real treat.  Knox and Jamie are obviously very intelligent.  Their pop culture analysis manages to be both silly and insightful, and the duo shares fabulous book recommendations.  Give them a listen!

Gold Eyeshadow

friday favorites urban decay baked gold eyeshadowAnother recent obsession, spurred by the Insta-Stories of another Gulf Coast blogger Lipstick, Heels, and a Baby, is GOLD eyeshadow.  My favorite eyeshadow brand is Urban Decay and the color Baked is the perfect gold for any skintone.  I’ve worn it everyday this week!



How was your week?  What are your Friday Favorites?  What brought you joy?