We were so lucky to get to spend a week in the Bahamas this month to celebrate the marriage of Chatham’s sister Leah and her husband Matt.  The island of Guana Cay was completely rented out by friends and family of the couple which made for a festive atmosphere, and the wedding itself was by far the most beautiful one I have ever been to.  Flip Flop’s, the wedding location, was as gorgeous as it gets, with pristine white sand,  turquoise water, and a solo saxophone player for music.  The bride and groom’s impeccable taste showed through in every selection and detail.  I am so grateful that we got to be a part of their special day.

This was my first major trip traveling with a baby, and although Carla May did great, I definitely learned the difference between a trip and a vacation, and I know much better how to prepare and what to pack next time.  I’m not gonna lie – flying with a wiggly baby was tough!  It was nothing like Carla May’s first flying experience…  I should have brought more toys and snacks and things to entertain her on the flight, because all she wanted to do was crawl up and down the aisle.  Clearing customs and then waiting in the heat for the ferry in Marsh Harbour took a lot out of her, but arriving in beautiful Guana Cay made the travel well worth it!

Carla May shoved her hand in the space between the drawer and the oven of our range the week before the trip and burned two of her fingers.  We taped a sock on her arm to prevent her from messing with the bandages on her blisters or accidentally hurting herself when she was crawling around.  I know it looks a little silly, but it was effective!

The island of Guana Cay is absolutely beautiful.  The sunsets and sunrises each day are like nowhere else, and the water is crystal clear.  One of my favorite activities is to walk out on the dock with CM and spot all of the colorful fish swimming around.

One of the charms of Guana Cay is that everyone gets around by golf cart!  However, by the time I get used to driving on the left side of the road, it is nearly time to come back home.

Due to Carla May’s nap schedule (she takes two naps a day – one around 9 am and another around 1 pm), we were a bit limited in what we could do, so most days, we hung around the house, took in the views, and spent time with family.

I love this shot especially.  Camille, Carla May’s great-grandmother, went out on the porch to look at the water, and CM just couldn’t bear to have her leave the room.

Thank you Jane for taking the family shots!!!

We spent one afternoon island hopping with our friends Lindsey and Baxter.  We went to The Abaco Inn for lunch, then Hope Town to see the lighthouse where we got engaged three years ago, and then Scotland Cay to swim in the prettiest water I have ever seen.

We made it to the famous Nipper’s a few times to eat and enjoy a rum cocktail.  CM loved Nipper’s because so many customers bring their dogs.

CM and I lucked out and got to go on a golf cart tour of the luxury real estate development Baker’s Bay with Leah, Matt, and Camille.  The facilities are gorgeous, and we had a lot of fun touring their golf course, pool areas, and tiki bars.  Apparently a lot of celebrities own homes in the development, and I can certainly see why!

The rehearsal dinner was at Orchid Bay and just like everything on the island, it was beautiful.  I’m pretty sure babies are about 80% body fat, because CM was sweaty ALL week!  Evenings are tough for her, so I did my best to entertain her throughout the rehearsal dinner, which meant alternating between feeding her, standing up dancing with her, and sipping on my rum punch. 😉

On the day of the wedding, all of the bridesmaids got ready together with Leah .  She had chosen a skirt for us to wear and let us pick whatever white top we wanted, which I thought was a wonderful idea.  The looks are all cohesive but the variety adds interest.  She surprised us each with a necklace to wear – a gold Bahamian coin on a chain.  Each one was a little different – some girls got coins with fish and some with pineapples, some chains were longer and some were shorter.  I have worn mine so much since then, and I always think of that special day each time I put it on.

CM had a ball playing with her cousins while all the bridesmaids and the bride got ready.  I just can’t get enough of these two in their adorable baby’s breath crowns!

I didn’t take any pictures myself from the wedding since there were professional photographers for that (and I couldn’t find my phone), but here are a few taken by friends and family that I want to remember.  

We had a wonderful trip, but we are always happy to get back home!  I love traveling, but being away always reminds me how much I love our day-to-day life and also how much I miss my dogs.  Thank you to Leah, Matt, Charles, and Carla for an incredible week!