A first post is a lot of pressure. It shouldn’t be, since no one is reading yet, except maybe my sister (Hi, Mellie!), but that doesn’t eliminate the tingly, nervous feeling in my gut as I anticipate pressing “Publish” for the very first time.

“Why another blog?” you may ask, “What makes you special?”  Well, dear reader (Hi again, Mellie!), this isn’t totally about you. With two needy beagles, a wonderful husband, a sweet 5-month-old baby girl, a full-time job, and a house to keep up, I spend most of my time taking care of others.  I would really like something I can do entirely for myself.  I am hoping this project will allow me to explore my thoughts, interests, and adventures and document the life and times of my growing family.  It’s an added bonus that I get to share all of that with you!

The last five months of being a mom have shown me how quickly time passes. I don’t want to forget all of these special moments I have experienced with my family. I always imagined I would be one of those moms who diligently kept a scrapbook of our photos, but seriously, who has time for that these days? (Unless you do, then I would love to see your scrapbook!). Hopefully, this space will serve as my digital scrapbook of sorts.

Why Hello Marilu?  “Hello Mary Lou” is an old country song that was sung to me by nearly every older gentleman I encountered growing up in rural Alabama. As a result of hearing this song all the time throughout childhood, “Hello Mary Lou” gets stuck in my head a lot! Come to find out, there are about 100 versions of this song out now, in multiple languages.  Hello Marilu is meaningful to me because it is a familiar phrase I have been hearing my entire life, but the proper spelling of my name makes it mine.

I don’t have a niche like most blogs. Hello Marilu will be about me, my family, my interests, and my adventures.  Some of the interests I might explore on this page are mom-ing, reading, running, cooking, gardening, traveling, volunteering, and memes.  Stay tuned, and thank you for reading!