A little late today… okay, a LOT late today, but I finally got my Monday Musings post together.  You may have seen from my Instagram stories that Carla May is teething and has been a little needy the last few days.  One of her favorite activities is to “help” me type when I have my computer out, so attempting to blog can be pretty frustrating when she is awake.

We had a fun and busy weekend, which included ordering Christmas cards, baking SIX DOZEN Christmas cookies, going to Christmas parties, and getting in a holly, jolly spirit.  We tried to visit Santa but the line was too long, so we’ll be heading back to the North Pole later this week.  I’m hoping she reacts the same way she did with the Easter bunny, but who knows?! Any tips for making baby’s first visit with the big man a success?

monday musings christmas baby in the airHere are some links I’m loving this week:

  • maybe she’s born with it.. maybe it’s something else
  • questions to ask to get to know someone instead of making small talk
  • SNL skit that speaks the ugly truth in the cutest way
  • how to get a tiny bit more sleep

How was your weekend? What are you loving lately?

Let me know in the comments below!


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