Happy Monday! This Friday marks the official start of Fall, although you’d never know it here in Destin, where we continue to have temperatures in the 90s and humidity levels around 80%.   You would know it, however, by the football on our TV set all day every Saturday (Roll Tide!).

Along with cooler temperatures in our near future (I hope!), Fall also brings a great lineup of TV shows.  After our daughter goes to bed, my husband and I love to watch a show or two together (NO Netflix Adultery allowed in this household!).  This is pretty much the only time I watch TV, so we try to choose high-quality programs, which is really easy in this day and age.  In the history of mankind, there has never been such great television available as there is right now.  Here are some of the shows I am most excited about watching this Fall season:

  • Stranger Things – If you haven’t seen Season 1 (which was nominated for so many Emmys), go back and watch it, if only to understand why the rest of us are so excited.  This creepy, 80’s-nostalgia-filled drama is back for Season 2 appropriately the week of Halloween.
  • The Deuce – From the creators of The Wire (which I have not yet watched, but is allegedly one of the best shows ever to grace the television screen), this HBO series about the sex industry and corruption of the NYPD in the 1970’s stars two of my favorite actors: James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal.
  • South Park At this point, you’ve had plenty of time to make your personal decision on South Park.  Either you’re into it or you’re not, but if you are, the current political climate is providing incredible source material for a potentially hilarious season.
  • Scandal – Ok, I lied earlier…  I sometimes watch TV by myself, primarily when I’m folding laundry…  And the final season of Scandal makes me so excited to wash everything in the house.  Shonda Rhimes and Kerry Washington are such talented women who keep me guessing week after week.  A final season is always bittersweet – I love to find out what happens but I hate anticipating the end of my relationship with characters who I have grown to know, in a sense.

If you’d like an in-depth analysis of basically every TV show that will be airing this fall, listen to The Popcast’s Fall TV Preview episode.

What shows are you most excited about this fall season?