Net Neutrality is a system of regulations in place to prevent cable companies from taking advantage of consumers and small business owners.  By repealing net neutrality, as the Federal Communications Commission has proposed, broadband providers will be able to control what websites you can visit, speed up or slow down service, and charge you for access similar to how cable companies charge for different channel packages.  This will fundamentally change the internet as we know it, and not in a positive way for consumers or small business owners.  Read more here, here, and here.

I urge you to call the FCC, your Representatives, and your Senators and tell them how important net neutrality is to you (or leave a message, since they never actually answer their phones ).  I recommend using, which provides you with the phone numbers to the offices of leaders in your district and also gives you a handy script in case you get tongue tied.

In other bad news, Alabama lost the Iron Bowl this weekend in a very ugly fashion, but at least I got a cute shot of my crimson family:

Here are some links I’m loving this week:

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How was your weekend?  Did you call your politicians about net neutrality yet?

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